Tsjinlûd is a trip of words and music. A journey without clockwatching. A project in which we try to stop time from passing at these high speeds.

This may sound kind of flowerpower but it is indeed what we try to express trough poetry, music, soundscapes and images. Just come to see us. Scroll down to see if Tsjinlûd is coming over your village soon...


Tsjinlûd is:

-Jan Kleefstra en Romke Kleefstra (two brothers presenting fragile poems, sounds and delayed guitar). Down here a poem in Dutch from "Stem van de Stilte". Jan has got a new bundle out called "Fragmenten".
Luister ook naar een MP3 op Farsk Radio:
"Doe't der minder lûd wie"

-Elmar Kuiper (raw and straight in your face poetry with a lot of humour in it). Here's a poem in Frisian language from his first bundle "Slachpinne". His latest bundle is called "Ut namme fan mysels" Luister ook naar een MP3 op omroep Mercurius: "Elmar Kuiper lêst foar út syn deiboek" (2007)

-Johan van Aken (Johan van Aken is an artist that provides projections of sea images for the Tsjinlud project). Check his site johanvanaken.nl for more diverse images and movies.)

-Music for the Defect (this is a sing/ songwriting five piece band trying to put pain and honesty into songformat). Check the music section on this site or their myspace)

-Pemmikan (Pemmikan is Jaap Olthof, bringing an experiment of sounds. There is no rigid format, no rules, just sounds). Also check the music section to get some more info.


Tsjinlûd performances:

10-05-2007 - Leeuwarden, Theater de Bres (start: 20:00 hours)

---------------------------------old dates-----

10-02-2007 - Blauhus, Teatskehus

18-01-2007 - Leeuwarden, Theater de Bres

06-01-2007 - Leons