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grind halt

Although this cdr was released before bouwvakker existed we still want to offer you the opportunity to get this six song CD. Grinding Halt, at that time, played chaotic emocore, much like merel, heroin, assfactor4 but frequently also in a heavier style more close to bands like from ashes rise. `Het oordeel is altijd het falen` comes in an envelop with print and contains an A3 poster with lyrics and artwork. Grinding Halt played with some great bands like Yaphet Kotto, Books Lie and Takaru.

Have a listen:
Grinding Halt: Hoera (1,7Mb)

By the way; Grinding Halt is alive again although in a different line up and with a different style of music. It's more noisy now and definitely worth seeing live! Check de graanrepubliek for more info.

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Reflect Criticize Act
Music for the Defect
Grinding Halt